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Something about the enjoyment of writing brings me back to it at spring cleaning time, and as I took the time today to go through my frightening and copious fiber stash, I was reminded to make time for self nourishment in these other, simple ways. Somehow the time I've allotted for myself dwindles as things get busy, but the creation of an artistic life is made bit by bit, one day's blog entry at a time, and it's good to have this space still here to add to, even when I no longer visit much.

Perhaps that can be a part of the cleansing fires. Windows open, airing out the space I sit in today, plying away.. Making handspun yarn of awesome continues as I get ready for the Fleece Market at Webs' annual Tent Sale, and I am grateful for the crushing press of deadlines even as I stress out about running out of time.


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