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Still here, though certainly with less available internet time than at any other point in my life that I can recall since the internet was available to me. I haven't made it a priority, preferring to get through the chores of life, the traveling and cleaning and such.
Perhaps taking a hiatus from posting gave me the opportunity to realise how much I missed it.

Living in the forest couldn't agree with me more. I love my home and its gardening space, my landlady's chickens, the peacefulness and quiet.

Kirtan continues to resound through my days and nights, and the band's sound gets better each night as we enter into the deep spaces together.

Still working at Webs, teaching spinning, stocking yarns, helping people find the perfect yarn for their project and really enjoying the community there.

The angora socks I was working on in my last post were finished, here's a photo:

And the hand-dyed skein of laceweight blended Romney wool and Angora photographed beautifully as well.

I also continue to post new yarns at my Etsy shop as soon as I manage to get them photographed, which seems to take me a while. Not enough hours in the day sometimes.


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