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Attracted by its many fine qualities, not least the soft fuzz of the angora and the superwash nature of the wool, I purchased some of the Supersocke Noble line of sock yarn, and proceeded to begin to knit myself a pair of socks. Having just finished making a pair for my partner out of some tasty hand-dyed yarn, it was my turn. Completed the first sock in a colorway I wasn't entirely thrilled with, cast on for the mate and promptly lost the first sock. After I'd woven in all the loose ends and everything. *sigh*

I transferred the few inches of cuff onto a stitch holder and reclaimed my needles. Now no longer having enough yardage for a pair, and using my dislike of the color as an excuse, I bought another ball and began afresh with a new colorway, and I have finished one, and am now filling in the gusset after turning the heel of the second. Hopefully I've learned my lesson and will be able to keep the pair together. Nothing like losing a week's worth of handwork to get you to pay attention to a sock's whereabouts.

So, I'm coated in a layer of angora fuzz, enjoying the self-striping yarn and looking forward to actually wearing them when this sock is done.

In other news, I just finished a lovely skein of laceweight Romney/Angora(sensing a trend here..) and I haven't yet decided if I'm going to sell it or keep it, as I managed to keep the colors from the hand-dyed roving on both bobbins lined up as it was being spun, and it's going to have some really lovely color striping sections when the finished piece is worked up, whatever it may become.

Kirtan has me out and about all over New England 6 nights a week, and it's been wonderful and exhausting at times, but such a blessing in my life. Work continues in the recording studio on the Blues album my partner is about to release, and it's been an exciting process to participate in. I'll post once it's out and available.

Teaching spinning has been really rewarding lately, and I'm excited about the summer classes coming up.. should be a good time, especially the needle felting class, as I think that will feel more like play than work.


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