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I blink, and the world swirls around me, turning upside down like someone's giant snowglobe. I open my eyes, particles of memory, expectation and loss flutter down, torn pieces of paper in the face of the whirlwind.

Gramma's death in September, Zack's death after Thanksgiving, I admit openly that I don't know how to process this just yet. I just keep going, getting up, doing what needs to be done, going to work, but the only time I have any sense of peace is in kirtan. I'm so thankful that my time continues to be spent in therapeutic activity like singing and spinning.

The new CD arrived looking great, much to my relief. If you'd like to get one, visit Shubalananda.com for information.

Took today off.. I'll go in tomorrow and Wednesday and then have some time with my family.

Spin spin spin...


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