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Oct. 22nd, 2009 12:00 pm
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Haymarket morning as I cough and splutter my way through breakfast, my condition improves slowly, and I'm looking forward to feeling like myself again.

Watched a new animated Wonder Woman movie last night, and was unfortunately quite disappointed. It was entertaining, if you don't know anything about the past 60+ years of the character's history. I can understand a re-imagining of the character's context, but then call it an Elseworlds story. It's not like DC doesn't have access to the canon or anything, and there's no excuse for betraying the essence of the character in the myriad ways they did. Shit, they came close enough to working with the storyline that George Perez so brilliantly wrote in the 1980s, why not use it and stick to what worked instead of making up a bunch of crap and throwing it on the screen?

Warner, please don't bother making a Wonder Woman movie if you're going to louse it up this badly. All you do is piss off the fan base that buys the book and supports your company. I realise that you see her as a cash cow, but the people out there who love what the character represents are the ones you should be marketing to, and they will be ill-served by shoddy storytelling that ignores or rewrites canon. Look at the success of comic-book films that honor the core integrity of the character, and get a clue.


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