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This weekend's experiences in yoga teacher training took on an entirely new challenge for me. I somehow pulled muscles in my neck and back in the past week, whether from coughing or sleeping on it wrong, it's painful to even fully inhale, leaving me almost completely unable to do yoga.

Staying on the mat, present with the class and doing the little I could brought up a lot for me.. as I tried to still my mind, intense emotions and thoughts jumped at the opportunity to make themselves heard. Disappointment at missing the opportunity to take such awesome sequences, frustration with my body's limitations, the month-long illness that I'm still not quite over yet, financial worries after missing so much work, sadness that I only have one more immersion weekend with this wonderful group of yogis... all rushing around my brain and gnawing at me.

Good churning work, and hard to stay present for it all without dumping that energy on someone else or eating an entire cheesecake.

At the very least, I've come away with a renewed appreciation for the health and vigor I usually enjoy in this body, and all the backlogged concerns I might not have had the time to deal with mentally have certainly been meditated upon and digested. Ultimately, I am responsible for the way I deal with my frustration, and I can choose the contents of my mind.

Now to head out for the last part of this immersion weekend and then back out into the wilds...



Date: 2009-05-13 08:56 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] daobear.livejournal.com
::HUGS:: I hope your luck turns for the better soon.
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