Apr. 15th, 2011

I find that use of Facebook and occasional use of Twitter has supplanted my once copious blogging on LiveJournal, and I note this not out of any sense of brand loyalty, but as a look at how much I have enjoyed the longer form inherent in a blog post, and asking myself if the clipped postage stamp sized yet continuous status updates are as satisfying.
Not really.
Convenient, certainly.. but like visiting a Tapas restaurant for small plate after a week of camping when all you really want is a huge bowl of homemade mac and cheese.

Perhaps it's because I take more time to check in with myself when blogging, that a status update is almost more like a press release than a semi-public conversation with myself, which is sort of what LJ is to me.

Perhaps in the busy nature of my world, other things have taken priority, but the love of the longer conversation remains, whether I have the time to engage in it or not.


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