Dec. 15th, 2010

Progress report:

Loving the two-at-a-time thing, but still furiously knitting with my beloved square DPNs because of course I'm trying to make too many projects at once with not enough knitting time(but what could really ever be enough knitting time?). The yarn is finger-pampering angora and superwash wool, which I am enjoying far too much for my own good, in that I will probably have to get more to make myself a pair once these are done. Doomed. I'm just doomed. Happy about it, at least.

The chickens are huddled together in the coop, snuggled up against each other in a line of combs and wattles, bright eyes and fluffed feathers settling in for another cold night. They bring me such simple joy just by being themselves, and I am so glad we have them here, thanks to our landlady.

Winter offers a New Englander time to stay indoors, snuggle up and get into hibernation mode, something I appreciate more after spending time in California, believe it or not. While I was out there, I missed this enforced quietude, where the weather forces you to just stay put already and get to know yourself better. The seasonal changes underscore internal processes of growth, change, reflection and renewal and as we take a moment to look over the previous year, poised on the brink of the year to come, there is an acknowledgement of the infinite possibility waiting in the promise of the future, unfolding in each successive moment of now.

May all the blessings of joy be with you, no matter what you celebrate.


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